29 October 2020 
With Roberts Grava & Slawek Soroczynski

The global pandemic has caused significant disruptions across economies, markets and even ways of life. Interest rates are low, zero or negative, and large developed market central banks, in their unprecedented responses to economic developments, have effectively placed capital markets in “lockdown”. In Crown Agents Investment Managements’ ongoing Central Bank Webinar Series, we’ll now focus on the implications for central bank reserves managers in the months and years ahead.

In this webinar CAIM’s market experts  discussed:

  • Market dislocations and revaluations earlier this year have led to fundamentally Revised Return Expectations for many asset classes.
  • Unprecedented Central Bank Responses helped calm markets during the initial months of the crisis, but will now result in Altered Market Dynamics going forward
  • Low yields now and in the foreseeable future lead us to revisit questions about Safe Haven Assets – Are They Still Safe, or Do We Need To Look Elsewhere?
  • Amidst these disruptions, we also need to think about The Future of Money Markets After the Retirement of LIBOR.

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