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Welcome to Crown Agents Investment Management.

CAIM is an independent investment management firm offering international fixed income and balanced mandates with a focus on capital preservation and income enhancement.

With a history of over 100 years, we have a strong commitment to meeting the investment objectives of our clients, including central banks, sovereign funds, pension funds and other investment funds. We seek to truly understand our client needs and provide individual solutions – our independence ensures impartial advice. Where appropriate we also provide support through structured training and mentoring.

Through strong links with our sister company, Crown Agents Bank, we structure unique products which enable our clients to access combined asset management and banking facilities including collateralised lending.

CAIM enjoys a reputation for transparency, integrity, prudence and the highest levels of client service. Our highly experienced team of investment professionals all have long and successful careers in the industry. Delivering value and service to our clients is our core mission. Our remuneration comes solely from the fees paid directly to us by our clients, with no commissions, fees or links to investment banks or securities houses.