12 January  2023
With Roberts Grava, Alan Cubbon, Slawek Soroczynski, Charles Thomson & Simon Price


2022 has been a year for the record books, as inflation, geopolitical turmoil and the continued effects of the global pandemic conspired to influence economies and financial markets dramatically. The rapid reversal of easy monetary conditions by policymakers across the globe led to adverse capital market outcomes, historically so in fixed income markets. But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. With yields now at levels not seen in years, the investment landscape has changed fundamentally, and investors would do well to evaluate the new opportunities for portfolios.

In this webinar CAIM’s market experts discussed:

2022: What on earth just happened?

  • A review of markets in context, and where we stand at the beginning of the new year

2023: Looking ahead

  • Possible trajectories for macroeconomics, monetary policy, and markets
  • Forward-looking evaluation of return and risk expectations

Investment strategy

  • Revisiting strategic asset allocation (SAA) possibilities in a materially changed market landscape
  • Tactical opportunities as markets settle into their new environments

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