8 December 2020
In conjunction with Banco de Moçambique and MEFMI

In conjunction with Banco de Moçambique (commemorating its 45th anniversary), and MEFMI, Crown Agents Investment Management is pleased to invite you to a year-end webinar Central Bank Reserves Management – The Year(s) Ahead.

Aimed at central bank policymakers responsible for reserves management and the professionals tasked with implementation, we plan to present an overview on the new capital markets landscape facing central bank investment managers, and discuss challenges and opportunities. We’ll focus on the consequences of low and negative interest rates in developed market fixed income markets, economic growth prospects, asset allocation implications, and devote a session to policy and governance. We are also pleased to include a panel discussion featuring case studies and an exchange of observations from representatives of regional central banks.

In this webinar CAIM’s market experts  discussed:

Introductory remarks – Banco de Moçambique, MEFMI, CAIM

Reserves Management Overview – Roberts Grava, CAIM CEO

Investment Strategy and Governance – Jennifer Johnson-Calari, CAIM Board Member and Founder of the World Bank RAMP program, and Isabelle Strauss-Kahn, ex-Head of Reserves Management at Banque de France and ex-World Bank RAMP engagement manager

Panel discussion: Practical perspectives – featuring reserves management representatives from Banco de Moçambique, Bank of Eswatini, Bank of Namibia, Bank of Uganda, moderated by Ritesh Anand, CAIM Deputy CEO and Roberts Grava

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