Our Solutions and Advisory efforts tend to centralise on strategic asset allocation and investment strategy, best when in close collaboration with client Boards or Investment Committees. But we offer a much wider variety of advisory expertise, which can stretch from broad fund design and eliciting investment beliefs and risk tolerances, to best practices in governance of investment processes, to what we call “stakeholder education”.

Each central bank has many stakeholders, from reserves management practitioners to Board and Investment Committee members, from internal auditors to Parliament, citizens and the press. Not all of these groups have equal amounts of understanding and expertise in reserves management and financial markets in general, so CAIM has found it useful to provide central banks with materials to share with various stakeholders, describing good reserves management practices, and the rationale and consequences of varying investment decisions; sometimes interacting with relevant interested stakeholders directly. This can especially help foster understanding between senior policymakers who approve investment policy, and the reserves management staff tasked with implementing it.