For maximum benefit, we encourage clients to agree a training “project plan” with us every year, which can include a selection from the following:
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Access to the Manager’s webinars on investment and institutional portfolio management topics;

Customised training for Client staff via video calls on mutually agreed topics;


Customised group training via video calls for the Manager’s clients on investment and  institutional portfolio management issues;

Attachment for an individual to the Manager’s offices (excluding the cost of travel to and from the UK and accommodation);

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A customised virtual training programme for staff, achieved through training and mentorship by members of the Manager’s investment team;

On-site training workshops for the Client’s staff at their offices on any Front, Middle or Back Office topic related to institutional portfolio management;

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Access to the Manager’s economics, investment, technical and administration teams, through the Account Manager for any queries or information relating to the economies and markets, in which the Fund is invested, or investment systems and administration procedures relating to the account;

Any other training options as mutually agreed by the Client and Manager.